Full Length Pyjamas a Hit

The cold winter months in Australia may finally be behind us for another year, but it’s not time to put away the pjs just yet. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide are known for sudden dips in temperature all the way through Spring and being prepared at night is important.

Pyjamas come in all different fabrics and styles, but one type thats is regaining popularity is the adult onesies. Also known as full body pyjamas, they are essentially a night time body suit, which can even come with feet and a hoody. They have a bum flap at the back for added convenience for those night time toilet runs!

You can buy adult onesies online at Jammies, with a great selection of styles, and in multiple colours and sizes. It might be a couple of months before the doona comes off and you start sleeping in tshirt and boxers. In the meantime, check out a pair of onesies – they are even great for just bumming around the house!


Buying Baby Clothes Need Not Be Hard

When buying clothes for their babies, parents often feel bombarded with so many different options and styles, which can make it tough to decide on an appropriate outfit for your little tacker. There are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration which include comfort, quality, durability and fashion.

Before choosing an item of clothing for your baby, you must decide whether it is for daytime use, sleeping attire, or for special occassions.

When assessing the health impacts on the babies, it is worth considering organic cotton or bamboo baby clothes. These are high quality and free of harmful chemicals. Check out Bamboo Lulu for more information and a range of baby clothing products.

Daytime clothing should be highly functional, and easily accessible to change nappies. They should be comfortable and durable, as the baby will be wearing them all day. And they will undoubtedly get them dirty.


Night-time clothing should also allow easy changing of nappies, and must be comfortable to allow them to sleep easy. Depending on your geographic location and the time of year, you may need something lighter or heavier, so your baby’s body is kept at a comfortable temperature. This can also help establish a optimal baby sleep patterns which will in turn help your own sleep.

Special occassion clothing are for events like birthdays or when you take the child out for a fancy function. These would not be worn at home during normal day to day use and should be a high quality. Here are some cute ideas for fancy baby clothes. They may be a bit more expensive but worthwhile for those special uses. You need to ensure your baby will be comfortable in these outfits, and that they allow easy nappy change still.



Cute Clothing For Pets

Humans have been clothing themselves since the early ages, but in recent decades we have also decided to cloth animals. Paris Hilton has been renowned for not only carrying her dog round in her handbag but also dressing up her pet in designer clothing.

It is becoming more and more popular to dress your pet, and accessorise with your own outfits. This is never more evident in the land of superficiality, California. Some of the most popular pet clothing is jackets, which can actually be a smart thing on cold winter days. But other outfits may include pyjamas, shoes, bathrobes, bandanas, and even sunglasses!

If you are an owner that likes to treat your animal, you will also want to consider a pet resort for your cat or dog to stay in while you’re away on holidays. Essentially an upmarket boarding facility, a resort is a hotel for pets that pampers their every need. My favourite would have to be Bayside Cat Resort which is located in Melbourne’s south, and gives your animal a truly amazing experience.

Do Promo Models Wear Skimpy Clothing?

We’re all aware of the sexy grid girls who walk around at the car races and the beautiful ladies that stand at the train station handing out free samples of shampoo or the latest packet of chips. These females are known as promo girls and their job is to sell a brand!

We also know that sex sells which is why we often find promo staff not only being very attractive, but being quite sexual in terms of their look. So do promo girls wear clothing that is too skimpy, or is it a legitimate tactic that works in the marketplace?

I believe most promotional models are dressed nicely, albeit sexy. They maintain an amount of class that doesn’t tarnish the brand they are promoting, and make people want to buy the product. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, and some outfits that the girls wear are way too revealing and tacky. This will only harm the perception of the business they are showcasing, so I don’t think we are going to go down a road where things get too smutty.

And even the more revealing models still have nothing on the singers in the film clips seen at 10am on a Saturday morning on Video Hits. And we wonder why the kids of today are dressing slutty! But that’s a topic for another day!

Fashion PR a great publicity spinner

Public relations is a popular way for companies to generate publicity for their business, or specific products or services that they provide. This can be done by organising events or running promotions. A PR agency will organise these events for the client and a number of firms specialise in certain types of PR, such as beauty, lifestyle and fashion.

Fashion PR will focus on marketing and product placement for fashion related clients, which may include a product launch for a new fashion label, or hold an event where the brand is the main sponsor or focus. Fashion and beauty brands are big business, so there it is a very lucrative market to crack. This is why fashion public relations is so popular and a great investment for any marketing budget.