Monthly Archives: September 2012

Full Length Pyjamas a Hit

The cold winter months in Australia may finally be behind us for another year, but it’s not time to put away the pjs just yet. Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide are known for sudden dips in temperature all the way through Spring and being prepared at night is important.

Pyjamas come in all different fabrics and styles, but one type thats is regaining popularity is the adult onesies. Also known as full body pyjamas, they are essentially a night time body suit, which can even come with feet and a hoody. They have a bum flap at the back for added convenience for those night time toilet runs!

You can buy adult onesies online at Jammies, with a great selection of styles, and in multiple colours and sizes. It might be a couple of months before the doona comes off and you start sleeping in tshirt and boxers. In the meantime, check out a pair of onesies – they are even great for just bumming around the house!