Do Promo Models Wear Skimpy Clothing?

We’re all aware of the sexy grid girls who walk around at the car races and the beautiful ladies that stand at the train station handing out free samples of shampoo or the latest packet of chips. These females are known as promo girls and their job is to sell a brand!

We also know that sex sells which is why we often find promo staff not only being very attractive, but being quite sexual in terms of their look. So do promo girls wear clothing that is too skimpy, or is it a legitimate tactic that works in the marketplace?

I believe most promotional models are dressed nicely, albeit sexy. They maintain an amount of class that doesn’t tarnish the brand they are promoting, and make people want to buy the product. Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, and some outfits that the girls wear are way too revealing and tacky. This will only harm the perception of the business they are showcasing, so I don’t think we are going to go down a road where things get too smutty.

And even the more revealing models still have nothing on the singers in the film clips seen at 10am on a Saturday morning on Video Hits. And we wonder why the kids of today are dressing slutty! But that’s a topic for another day!