Monthly Archives: January 2011

Contemporary Jewellery Completes a Cute Outfit

Summer fashion is well and truly upon us and accessories seem to be the big hit this season. With big retailers such as David Jones and Myer having massive sales to try and get more consumers through their stores, it has opened up a vast array of fashion combinations and styles from the general public.

People are wearing more and more bangles, earrings, rings, necklaces and watches as contemporary jewellery seems to be the perfect compliment to their clothing. Handmade items from smaller end designers are proving most popular, as our fashion conscious searches through local markets and online to find unique designs that suit their personal taste.

The market is demanding originality, quirkiness and fun, and a number of artisans are serving this up on a platter. Doing it for the love of designing rather than the financial rewards, these designers are giving our fashion accessories a great name, and making our jewellery industry move forward.